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forensic data recovery software

With Susteen’s new forensic recovery software APEX Advanced Physical Explorer and Extractor, users can now easily extract physical images from cell phones and analyze the data.

Secure View’s new cell phone forensic tool APEX (Advanced Physical Explorer) allows users to acquire a physical dump off of cell phones and view the acquired data.

This Physical Analyzer can be used with current Non-Secure View tools in your arsenal.

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Cell Phone Forensics Data Recovery

Military, Law Enforcement, and Corporate Only 

forensic data recovery software
  • Find Orphan files and any associated data easily.
  • Easy to operate and share reports with others
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Advanced data loading for quick startup
  • Extract Physical Dump Files from hundreds of LG phones (even when passcode protected)

APEX is a powerful Forensic Data Recovery Software that has Image Carver for finding fragmented deleted data.

cell phone forensic tools
  • Seamlessly open pics
  • Find orphan files
  • Carve data for deleted and fragmented images
cell phone data extraction software
forensic data recovery software
  • Drill down into database files and flag for evidence
  • Read iTunes backup files for increased iOS support
  • Can Read .DD files, Binary Files, Image Files, Raw Image Files, iTunes Files and more
  • SQL Database files can be easily searched to find additional data

Works seamlessly with

cell phone forensic tools

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